Delphi Pools Service Agreement
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Standard Services: 
One pool service cleaning per week, except week of Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Balance pool to proper chemical range:
FC 1 – 3 ppm, pH 7.2 -7.6, Alkalinity 80 – 120 ppm, Calcium 200 – 400 ppm, CYA 10 – 50 ppm.
Empty all baskets (skimmer, pump pot, auto cleaners, in-ground floor cleaners), brush water line and skim water surface of debris.
Walls and floors brushed or vacuumed once per month.
Electronic door tag set on completion, equipment inspection and services rendered.
Pools over 250,000 gallons, add $1.00 per 1,000 gallons.
Minor pool parts and replacements less than $100.00 are automatically added to invoice.
Additional Fees:
Additional Brushing or vacuuming more than once per week.
Filter cleaning service and replacement parts is required a minimum of twice per year for Cartridge and once a year for DE Filters.
Balancing chemicals (such as): Algaecides, calcium, salt, stabilizers and stain removers.
Unscheduled Maintenance Repairs, Services and Estimated Fees requiring an appointment:

To avoid loss of service or late payment penalty, all payments must be received by the 5th of the following month.

Most Common Additional Service Fees, Parts and Labor during normal pool servicing:

Cleaner Bag:
Skimmer or Pump Basket:
Universal Wall Fitting:
Shaft Seal:
Chlorine Float: 
Filter Pressure Gauge:
Polaris Part Replacements:
              Wheel Bearings:
             Hydraulic Hose Ties:
Labor fees and parts will be adjusted to actual part prices and labor time.
Jobs requiring estimates will be provided.

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